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When a loved one dies, those left behind are often left to not only cope with the loss of a loved one, but also to administer their loved one’s estate. If the estate’s assets are not held by a trust, the assets may need to be administered through the "Probate" process.
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About Conservatorship
Conservatorship is a legal arrangement in which one person (called the conservator) is appointed by a court to manage the financial affairs and/or daily life of another person (called the ward) who is unable to do so for themselves.

The ward is typically an elderly person or someone with a disability. The conservator is responsible for making decisions on behalf of the ward. This can include managing the ward's finances, paying bills, making healthcare decisions, and ensuring the ward has proper housing and care. The court oversees the conservator's actions to make sure they are acting in the best interests of the ward.
What Our Law Firm Can Do For You
We provide valuable support and expertise to anyone seeking to establish a conservatorship and ensure that the ward's needs are properly cared for.

The Law Offices of Rozsa Gyene will advise throughout the process of setting up a conservatorship, attend to all necessary paperwork, provide representation in court, and ensure that the conservator fully understands their rights and responsibilities. We'll be there for you very step of the way.
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